Our final Tree-mendous Tuesday!

We had our final Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure and this week we visited Langold Lake and looked at our local environment. But as it’s nursery we decided to have snack brakes to keep our energy levels up because it’s a long way around that lake! We had ice pops, apples and picnic food. Thanks to our amazing parents for their donations. Then there was more fun as the bubbles came out and our friends chased around trying to catch them with lots of giggles and excited screams and it wasn’t just Dylan!
Thanks to all our helpers, not just today but with all the support you give us to ensure that our children have fabulous experiences and make lasting memories. We know you love them as much as we do and they know it too.

Langold Lake with AM children

Langold Lake with APM children

30 thoughts on “Our final Tree-mendous Tuesday!”

  1. Ah no can’t believe this is the last blog, Freya told me she loved the lake especially the food! She said the bubbles were massive!

  2. A massive thank you to all you amazing ladies in the foundation. You all do an amazing job nurturing our children, they have all had some great exciting times with you all, and I thank everyone of you for your kindness and love you have shown every single child. Langold Dyscarr foundation unit is the best ever ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Five gold stars xx love the lake photos xx

  3. Dylan came home so excited to tell me all about his morning at the lake. He loved the bubbles and told me how good he was for trying some cucumber! He is definitely going to really miss his tree-mendous Tuesdays!!

  4. I so wish we moved sooner than we did. So oliver could have started in F1 sooner. He( I mean i) just wasn’t ready for him to do 5 morning.
    Oliver has enjoyed every day he’s been in F1. Huge thank you to you all.x x
    Oliver loved the lake but was very tired afterwards

    1. It was such a busy morning. He has grown so much Mummy and will continue to thrive in F2. He is a big boy now!

  5. Thankyou for helping Isabella transition smoothly in to your setting.
    Isabella loves coming to school and that is because of you guys and the opportunities that you provide her with, I go to work with a clear mindset because I don’t worry about her or if she is ok and that’s because I know that she is safe and happy with you. Isabella is really thriving with you and is eager to transfer her experiences to home, she is always willing to share with us what she has done and she always tells us ” mrs fenton says or miss frisby says”
    Thankyou for making her first couple of terms with you enjoyable.

    1. I’d better get my thinking cap on for some challenges for her!! We’ll be starting phase 2 phonics after the holidays.. she is really ready!

  6. Delilah’s thoroughly enjoyed her time with you all in F1 she talks about all you amazing teachers all the time so greatful for everything you all have done for her, from her first days crying to absolutely loving school!! Im sure tremendous tuesdays will be sorely missed by Delilah

  7. Although poppy is more than ready for f2, I don’t know if I am! You all do a brilliant job and have helped make poppy into the confident, resilient little person she is now.
    I hope you know that your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm are really appreciated by all the mums, dads and grandparents.
    F1 have had the best start ever! X

  8. I didn’t like our Treemendous Tuesday adventure this week, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT ❤️ You have all been amazing this last year. See you on the big playground in September. ❤️ Mrs Bacon

  9. Avah-mae really enjoyed it at the lake and she is f2 ready all because of the amazing teacher’s that have helped her get there thank you so much x

  10. Alaina had a fabulous time at the lake with her friends, she told me everyone played golf! Not sure why, as it dosent look like you did, but she enjoyed it either way.. . Thankyou Miss Frisby for your patience with my terrible memory this year, and to all you Ladies in F1.. the fact that our children love coming to school is a testament to your dedication to giving them the best start in school.
    Thankyou so very much xxxxx

  11. Loved looking at all the blogs it’s so good to see what they get up too, had some fab trips out, every bit of learning is so exciting for them. Lexi-jay has loved every minute and is going to miss u loads you do an amazing job with them all

  12. Awwww perfect pics on a perfect day ! Daisy had a great day … even got a little snooze in to lol
    Thanks to everyone … Mrs bacon… carol ….students who help makes Daisy’s & everyone else’s treemendous Tuesdays so wonderful! Xx

  13. They look like they had an amazing time down lake xxx you have been amazing with her glad she’s got you both next year but can she do full days please lol xx

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